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Welcome to YAP! Digital Solutions

YAP! – which stands for Your Action Plan- is a great new program from Metroland, one of Canada’s most established and trusted media companies. With a variety of affordable marketing bundles available and a host of additional products, YAP is a simple way to take advantage of all kinds of media and messaging for businesses today.

SEO Services You Can’t Do Without

SEO services are crucial in ensuring the visibility of your website. With more companies turning to online marketing, competition is getting stiffer and hence the need to take strategic marketing measures. People will rarely go past the first three searches, leave alone the first page of a search engine’s result. If your company is not ranked highly, you may want to consider what it offers.

Here are five essential SEO services that you need to look for when evaluating your online marketing strategies.

Keyword research

Designing your SEO portfolio is a vital service offered by most agencies, and it forms the basis of your marketing campaign. Considering how important it is, you would rather have a professional do it than an amateur. An SEO expert will utilize various techniques to find the most appropriate keywords to use on your site. Some of the tools used in keyword research include but not limited to competitor analysis, clients’ feedback, and social media and keyword research tools.

Link building

When you are deciding on the SEO services required for your company, ask the agency or consultancy regarding link building campaigns. Link building campaigns work in a way that search engines can see a back link to your site that is generated from other credible, authoritative and trustworthy websites. The backlinks work as a form of validation for your site. A reliable SEO services provider has established contacts with webmasters thus know how to find the best link building sites for use.

SEO strategies

An experienced SEO provider will assist you to formulate an SEO strategy; whether online or offline. The strategy should be able to drive traffic to your site, give you high returns on your investment and increase the conversion rate. Besides the keyword research (as explained above), the technical analysis also forms the foundation of your SEO campaign. With these two factors in place, you are ready to get started.

SEO web design

Despite this being the most crucial part of SEO marketing strategies, it is neglected in most cases. When launching a new website, you need to consult an SEO specialist during the first stages. When choosing the technical platform to use, shopping cart software, a content management system or any other key design component should be selected. If you choose the wrong platform, it could impact negatively on your potential success in SEO marketing. This is why it is advisable to select a qualified consultant right from the start.

SEO copywriting

Copywriting is another of the top five crucial SEO marketing strategies. Off page and on page optimization is needed to boost your SEO campaign. Most people assume that they should worry about the first click. The truth is that it is the second click that matters the most. Quality SEO copywriting makes the difference between high and low bounce rates. You should focus on a keyword rich and engaging copy.

When selecting an SEO company, it is more efficient to find one that offers these services at a go. However, you can also go for separate agencies. The crucial factor is to hire highly-qualified individuals only.


Paid Search Management from YAP! will drive traffic to your business from across the web, including Google, Yahoo! & Bing as well as social media and buy & sell sites such as Facebook and Kijiji so you can get the most out of your marketing dollars.

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Search Engine

Whether you have an existing site that needs copy editing or you're launching a new site and just don't have the time to write the right kind of content, YAP!'s Content Services can help.

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YAP! custom mobile sites are uniquely designed and developed to match your business needs and are accessible on all iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.

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Let YAP! help you setup a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, or YouTube Channel so you can start delivering fresh content to engage your fans, followers and audience online.


Google Places Management from YAP! allows local customers to find your business with ease. Tailor your listing with additional images, videos and coupons to help your business stand out from the rest.

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With a variety of affordable marketing bundles available, YAP! is a simple way for businesses to take advantage of the many media.

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